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        Charge And Discharge Plate
        CFD a series of charge & discharge panels can be selected by customer due to different requirement.They can be used as the power source for the battery charging,low voltage illumination ^emergency lighting and communication/navigation devices and etc.
        Silicon controlled charge & discharge panel has the constant current/voltage function,with low output ripple coefficient and high electromagnetic compatibility.
        Charge & discharge panel is energized by primary switched- mode power modules .It outputs intelligentized multilevel power to the batteries or other consumers .It has wide voltage range for the input ,droop-compensation and overload-resistant for the output.lt is combined with reliable protection and alarm,featured with small size and low weight.lt meets higher quality request of the power source on board by more and more clients.
        Silicoformer charge & discharge panel is featured as wide range of voltage regulation,high efficiency ,and long life cycle.lt is simply stable and easy to maintenance .Normally used to the small vessels those not requires for high quality power source.